Reunión 20 mayo - Meeting May 20

Discussion in 'Community R3 199-285' started by francisco javier castro, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. El 20 de Mayo estaba convocada la reunion de R3, me han cargado la cuota, pero en servigest no puedo ver cual fue el acuerdo adoptado ¿Alquien puede facilitarlo? Entre otras cosas había que decidir si se pintan los torreones y si se donan 100 € para la fiesta de dream hills II

    On May 20 was convened the meeting of R3, I have been charged the fee, but in servigest I can not see what the agreement was adopted. Can anyone facilitate it? Among other things had to decide if the turrets are painted and if they donate € 100 for the dream hills II party
  2. conrad

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    you need to contact javier at servigest you should also have received the minutes

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