Service Road Lake Padrera - Cartagena

We have been using the service road that runs from Lake Padrera towards Cartagena for many years to cycle away from the busy roads. When cycling on 4th January 2018 we became aware of the gates being installed at various points around the Villamartin area and at one point we were stopped from continuing our ride by a security man and made to turn around.

Signs have been erected which in my view suggest that motor vehicles and motor cycles cannot use the service road, therefore pedal cyclists and pedestrians will be able to continue using the road. The gates at most points, but not all, do not block the road fully and access could still be gained through a narrow opening that has been left, although with some difficulty. One gate however went fully across the road and access would not be gained if the gates were closed.

Does anyone know if my opinion is correct or do they have any thoughts, views or further information on these service roads and access to the public. I have attached a couple of images to assist.

Thanks in advance.




Staff member
Hi Martin

I think you will find that the authorised vehicle part knowing spain also means cycles and that they were never supposed to be used by anyone not authorised to use them.