Solar warming of the Pool

I am interested in contact with anybody who has an interest for or against the installation of solar warming to the pool to extend its usefulness beyond the current 4-5 months as it is now. We have TWICE voted to do this work and once the non-residents are not present, things happen which makes the democratic decisions reached at the meeting are not complied with.
With the next meeting coming up soon, i would like to welcome contributions to add to this discussion and also any proxy votes which can be used at the meeting.
I just want to ensure everybody is aware of the arguments for and against and make sure majority views are again expressed at the meeting and then somebody must either ensure they are acted upon or at the VERY LEAST inform owners of complications/issues which prevent agreed actions being taken.
I personally do not hear anything from anybody all year...maybe we should push the use of this forum much more vigourously at the meeting as being the correct contact method to use.

Comments please.

Phil Appleby
Aprtmnt 300


Staff member
Hi Phil,

i have tried so many times to get the forum promoted but at every step it seems to be that either Servigest if they are your Administrators don't mention anything.

It also seems as though many want to use the Facebook group for any discussion for the Urbanisation, that's why I have also now started doing a Podcast for the Dreamhills 2 area every week.

I think we looked at solar for R5 but it was too expensive especially with 2 pools.

Please do what you can at the meeting this section could be set up so that only the section that you are in can post in it so making it private.